Allow Me To Spice Up Your Lullaby A Little

The shadow of the evening sun

he creeps a little closer

a little too close

his feet send cracks through the willowed wooden floor

echoing in the chamber of your heart

within your reach, yet taunting your mind

with equivalents and runs in scarlet divine

indeed this euphoria is having you

for dinner tonight

And i don’t know and i can’t see if this feeling’s wisp is having me

i shut my eyes too tight to breathe i know this demon’s easily

i want him with his rusty claws and promising screech

he lays his hands i crumble and i long to be whole again

This piece was inspired by “Lullaby”, the masterful, haunting track by The Cure, off the gorgeous soundscape that is the album Disintegration.


When Hell (Sorta) Freezes Over

My prism of thought

One-dimensional mimes

Monolithic impulses

My baritone divine

This is the sound of a kingdom screeching

Let the vault pierce the air

Fall, tear, plunge into rubble

My glorious meltdown has begun


I’m standing in white at the precipice of a thousand more

I’m looking down and out, far and through

The only way down is the only way up

I look for all I’ve lost to breathe my design

I crave all I’ve longed for to whiff my trade

The tangles intensify and the ground softens

But I’m taking my step anyway.

The Narratives Demand Your Dedication And You Need To Understand That

car seats are sorta comfortable sometimes

when the stereo can’t quite get as loud as you wish it could

hey there was a beautiful bass note right there

did you hear it?

man, i wish you could hear it

but isn’t that the point of my writing in the first place?

i want to paint a vision to you

i want to encapsulate a point in my life where and when i’m unsure of absolutely everything other than the fact that the things i so badly crave for always evade my fragile grasp

and this is also when i realise that ironically enough

as i try to illustrate exactly this

my own vision’s slipping away anyway

hey there was another pretty note right there

i would have attempted to describe the note to you

but please refer to the above

because i’ve already been painting a picture that’s dripping off its canvas faster than i can handle, layer by layer

and in case my subpar converging confusing convoluted communication couldn’t give it away

it’s the sights and sounds of me caving in

and i’ve gotta stick to the narratives i create, dear

help me out here, will ya?