I’m Still Dreaming

It’s the turn of the dusk
The light’s washed over once more
Of course, dark will eventually blanket the sky all over

But for now
I have a confession
Hear me out on this one

I have dreams
I really do have dreams
Dreams to remember
Dreams I don’t want to forget

I still believe in them
And I don’t want them to stop flying
I don’t want gravity to bring them down
Because I’ll never know
What makes this man
If they lose heart
If I lose heart

I know that familiarity is nothing more, than temporary comfort
Like a maroon quilt that will eventually lose its charm and color
And changes like these are the only occurrences that keep us alive
But god I hope
I hope so bad
My dreams
The ones that make hell worth taking on
Are here to stay

I need them more than I’ll ever know
Don’t take them away from me
Let me keep them
And nurture them
And hate them a little too, for always being a little crazier than they need to be
I promise I won’t let go
I just hope I’m strong enough to hold on to them


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