Pretty Tunes

Academic hypothermia’s a pretty little thing

Symptomatic, pre-notioned discomfort

In tickles instead of in waves

But they still do their deeds


Pretty tunes may diminish them

But only for the fleeting moment

And the weird part is

The butterflies in your stomach dance to them too


How curious, that unsettlement waltzes to fear and joy alike

That it sees no difference in the status quo

Neither negative nor positive pulls at its axis

Flattering ubiquity, isn’t it?


And so I’ll wait to find

That tune with a tranquilizer

It has to be pretty, of course

Pretty enough to let the butterflies rest


They flutter back and forth all their lives

Their effect drastically taking on ours

But perhaps with fewer floating wings

Even the dust settles, too.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Tunes

  1. This is so brilliant – and very apt as I was at my little brother’s graduation today and found all the pressure and anxiety and excitement about the future that was heaped on these young shoulders (along with the mad church organs and neverending applause) to be both suffocating and inspiring. But yes, this is a great poem 🙂 x


    1. Woah, it’s interesting how you related the poem to your brother and the event (: thank you so much, it’s truly flattering. Here’s to your brother soaring to greater heights, it’ll be a roller coaster but definitely one heck of a ride 💪🏽 you take care too okay?

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