Caramel Vodka, Split With Cherries

I’m nowhere near your delicate bravado

Your raspy falsetto like caramel vodka, split with cherries

Or those dazzling galaxies you call your eyes

Shimmering black holes behind square lenses


I could have counted the five minutes with my fingers

But I swear it felt like a lifetime

When yours swirled through overpriced fabric

The same ones which gripped my unsteadily beating heart


I’m a sucker for towering flames which eventually ravage me

But your fire, it was not quite the same

Oceans and volcanoes and ashes wouldn’t even dare to tread your maze of veins


I always thought, flames would always triumph

But little did I know that snowflakes could burn harder and brighter


I’d say you’re impeccable

Simply because you’re not

And that’s driving me insane


Clearly, I fell hard.



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