My Alma Mater

Faded beige

The color of my past

I pried it out of my memory

It can’t be a part of me

It just can’t


I bit through my chains

As if they were pythons

“They’re out to kill me”, I screamed

I bled myself out


The monster wasn’t the place

It was my head

The streaks of red marked not a bloody vengeance

But the hope of an abode


Dusty seats, the calm after the storm

The storm was mine and mine only, but

I shamefully labelled the walls with my hate

I thought it was your fault


Clarity finally appeared

In minute and metal

It was supposed to be a shelter

And that exactly, it did


A resounding threshold

Sitting sturdy on what was once sea

It welcomed, it beckoned


“Come home, son”

It called

“This piece is still yours”


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