Please, Godpa


Please hold on


Don’t let the hollow night fill you through

Don’t let the sunken water capsize you

Even on the floor, faint, weary

Find it, please


You’ve given me life

You’re full of it yourself

My father lives on through you

You’re nothing short of an angel


Don’t go


Walk this with me, all the way through

I can’t do this without you

Please, fight



My godfather’s been fighting cancer for just over 3 years now. Multiple recoveries, multiple relapses.  I love him with all of my life, and I need him in my life. Please Godpa, fight this. Daddy, help him. You became an angel when I was 3, I’m 19 and I still believe you have my side to this day. Give Godpa strength. I love the both of you with all my life.  I think of you every day dad, and I pray for Godpa every night. Please, let’s do this together. I can’t do this on my own.




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