For Now

Sunbeams permeate your shredded curtains

The monsters living in your basement stop in their tracks

The comfort of the cold, engulfed by the flames of the blazing sun

Allowing a mere fraction, an orb of orange

From the demigod of fire, to settle in

The way two wires connect

The ice cracks

You shift a finger

This is it

But then you realise,

it’ll pass

The sun will leave

After all

The monsters only slip into a mere slumber

You hear them snoring down below

You know you’ll freeze over

All over, when they awaken

But for now

You feel the fire

The ice shatters

For now, at least

You’re alive

And there is nothing greater.

I wrote this at 7 in the morning, when for some reason I was feeling immensely good vibes. But that wasn’t the only side to the story. Halfway through, I realised that the joy would end, that the smile would subside, and the emptiness would take its place again. I guess then, this illustrates the high before the plunge back into the deep.



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