Please, Godpa


Please hold on


Don’t let the hollow night fill you through

Don’t let the sunken water capsize you

Even on the floor, faint, weary

Find it, please


You’ve given me life

You’re full of it yourself

My father lives on through you

You’re nothing short of an angel


Don’t go


Walk this with me, all the way through

I can’t do this without you

Please, fight



My godfather’s been fighting cancer for just over 3 years now. Multiple recoveries, multiple relapses.  I love him with all of my life, and I need him in my life. Please Godpa, fight this. Daddy, help him. You became an angel when I was 3, I’m 19 and I still believe you have my side to this day. Give Godpa strength. I love the both of you with all my life.  I think of you every day dad, and I pray for Godpa every night. Please, let’s do this together. I can’t do this on my own.




Your Throne

You blasphemy of stardust

A cataclysm of meteor ash

Rings of fire spin your axis

Powdered, merely for shine


You were born to raise hell

Infruriating oceans

With the swirl of your finger

Crushing planets with the zephyr of your walk


An absolute contradiction

So bloody gorgeous

I’d be lying

If I said you haven’t slain my heart


The blood of my pain

Is now your victory

As you trample on kingdoms

The world’s your puppet


A lowly one, of course

For it will never be enough

To feed your altar of flames


And so, forth you go

The galaxies are next

Yours to rule?

You’ve met your match, darling


Your perfection finally falters

The stars blind your eyes

This is your greater

The one you’ve always denied


The clocks disappear

The sand turns to air

You’re no longer

You only were

Oh, what a pity


It was true, your horrific fate

Already cast in stone

You’d rise, rise, and rise

Only to fall before your throne.


Writing this piece was pretty difficult. I intended to be a complete love rhetoric, but my heart was begging for me to write the story of a beautiful catastrophe. Sorta inspired by how much of a sucker I am for tough love.


For Now

Sunbeams permeate your shredded curtains

The monsters living in your basement stop in their tracks

The comfort of the cold, engulfed by the flames of the blazing sun

Allowing a mere fraction, an orb of orange

From the demigod of fire, to settle in

The way two wires connect

The ice cracks

You shift a finger

This is it

But then you realise,

it’ll pass

The sun will leave

After all

The monsters only slip into a mere slumber

You hear them snoring down below

You know you’ll freeze over

All over, when they awaken

But for now

You feel the fire

The ice shatters

For now, at least

You’re alive

And there is nothing greater.

I wrote this at 7 in the morning, when for some reason I was feeling immensely good vibes. But that wasn’t the only side to the story. Halfway through, I realised that the joy would end, that the smile would subside, and the emptiness would take its place again. I guess then, this illustrates the high before the plunge back into the deep.



Lacerated flames, your eyes conceal

Your hair, serpentine

Deadly, this one is


Red writing on the walls

“You’ll die if you try”


Why do you charm

You veiled witch

Maybe you’re an angel

From hell, perhaps


More resides in your pyre

The fire’s in your breath, too

Don’t hide it


I know it’s not all gone

Your shards of parchment

You exhumed them

But their ashes still tell, sweetie


Sulfur and sins


Set yourself free

I want your venom


I feel you darling

I really do

I just can’t reach you


Here’s a piece about this girl who came into my life this year. I swear, she’s a bloody mystery. She’s bloody beautiful for a start; she’s this bizarre concoction of fiery will and serene river. And that’s exactly why she’s got me in knots and knots about her.

You see, there’s something about her that’s so so addictive. She holds her cards very close to her chest, which only enhances her aura of mysticism and intrigue. And that’s bloody attractive, because all it does is create a mess of wires in my head about how I feel about her.

I know she harbors a darkness that can cloud a blazing sun, and my oh my is that darkness so seductive. I want to know her; I want to pour my soul out to her, and I want her to pour her soul out to me too. But those walls she built around her den aren’t caving in .