Object Writing – Freezer

Won’t you turn around

Look at me now

I’m  freezing in here

Won’t you cover me

With your sanity

I’m losing my mind

You see me now

Scars abound

Fate profound

You hear me now

Silence I found

There’s no one around

I’m not an angel

In me there’s a devil

It freezes me over

Your eyes, I know her

Your dark,  it’s colder

With her, I’m freezing

I must be dreaming

For at once

We face the abyss

As we dance

Fear amiss

For what is life

Without the pain

We wished for sane

But all we got

Is a sorrow the same


Time: 6:15 minutes

My buddy introduced me to something called object writing today. He uses this to write lyrics, and I guess I’m giving this a shot too. Maybe I’ll turn this into a song – who knows?




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