Object Writing – Lamp Post

I am my own lamp post

Standing through sunshine and rain

My light may be a bane

But it’s because of my pain


I weather the toughest storms

The rainy nights that illustrate my tears

My fears

I fade away with every pulse

Knowing my power supply won’t last


But maybe the reason why I still stand

Is the wars, the flaws, the fear

Not the pretty picture of glimmer

Of what I’m supposed to be


I will stand, sadly, through more

There will be harder downpours to hit the floor

And hell, there will be

In whatever form it manifests itself


I will forget what street I light

I will forget what I believe is right

My sight will be endless white

Through those rougher storms

Probably, at least


But I still am,

The figure that stands

In the midst of the madness

In the chaos at hand


Because life will change

And so will I

But till the day I die

I stand where I am

Battered and bruised

But I will always stand.


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