Object Writing – Cars 

I spend my dreams chasing cars 

Hoping you’re in one 

Finding your way back 


We started with a spark

We ignited a fire

Polar opposites burned 


I loved with my life

And now till my death 

I had never felt a love so strong


But my love remains strong

As you start to drive away 

I want you back 


You weaved my heart round with 

Precious smiles and haunting touches 

Cutthroat hearts and glistening eyes

I knew how

But you forgot that when

You drive away in your car

You pull the knife out

I know now

And we all know now

That withdrawing your weapon

Means the bleeding will begin

And will never stop

And now in my dreams

I still chase cars 

To find you in one


Not to stop the bleeding

Not to ease my sorrow

But to love you with my life

Once again



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