Object Writing – Strings

They pulled our strings

And our game began

Fate and circumstance

Here, the kings


We did all we could

Prancing around

Maybe love

Would win this time round


We did all we could

We locked hearts

We promised each other

We’d never fall apart


We tried, we tried

We entangled our strings

We welded our skin

Like moths to a flame, we’d stick


And we thought we won

We sang our song

It would reverberate forever

Our maiden, our swansong


We held up

Clinged onto the cliff’s edge

For our love

For our lives


But we fucked up

We thought we were the world

We forgot

We weren’t bigger than chance


Our chains, unlocked

Our skin, slashed

Our hearts, excruciated

Our tangled strings, cut


Maybe we weren’t supposed to win

Maybe we were just pawns on the board

Waiting for our move

Pleading for life, pleading for love


I guess we didn’t win

We weren’t meant to


And once again,

Love made its magic

And love left its scar

Love won instead.


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