Object Writing – Airports

Airports are a  hard place to be

It’s where we see the ones we love

Slip away as they begin their journeys


That final embrace I wrapped you in

Knowing you would fade away

A love that filled me with strength and life

Me, it was about to betray


But it was my mistake

I held on to you with my life

And I was never gonna let you go

Until my death


In the mayhem of tired eyes and baggage checks

Sweeping crowds, closing gates

I was full of false belief

That your plane would never leave


And if your plane were to take flight

You’d still be in my sight

Forget the pathetic plane window

My eyes wouldn’t leave you


Because of the promise

That we vowed to protect

That we’d never ever part

We’d even take flight together

If we had to


But they’re calling for you,

Over the crackling speakers

Make your move now

Don’t turn back


Not even to say goodbye

Not even to meet my eyes

Because it already hurts

So fucking much


Don’t ever ponder the past

It was ours, though never meant to last

But it’s you I love, and I still will

Until the day

My body goes still/


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