Rock Bottom

rock bottom is quite the place to be
your feet stand level on what feels like fire
but your heart messes around a little more than you want it to
it’s exciting, though
because one moment you feel like your heart’s exactly where it should be
and then you suddenly feel like it’s stuck in your throat because you’re an idiot for trying to cough it out for being so weird
and then suddenly it’s back to where it should be but it’s a little more disconnected than you want it to be
give it another hour and your throat will have recovered, because
now your heart’s slipping downwards
and now it’s making you want to puke
why are you holding it back?
oh yes, of course, refer to line 6

you got the hint?
you’re an idiot for trying


We’ll Runaway With Each Other, And Then Walk Away From Each Other, And Hopefully We’ll Do It All Over

How long will this last,
We’re spinning through the islands,
Trees, forests, whatever may be?

A pebble from each castaway,
A thought for each time we’ve gone astray
A riff whose melody you’ve silenced.

I’ve chosen to tie my shoelaces to yours
Whatever follows is what I’ll believe
I lie to you when I say I’ve got this all planned/

We’re allowed to fall short of the word eternal
Today will be more than enough
Let’s wrap up and run!

We’re not far from the shore and the sun,
We’ll be the sand, we’ll be the sea
We’ll be everything we need to be(

And then we’ll stumble and fall
But we’ll make it beautiful,
Well, you’ll make it beautiful at least-

We’ll end the chapter the way we plunged into it
The tangles in our shoelaces we’ll have to untie
And then we’ll smile foolishly at each other=

And then we’ll still smile at each other,
And then we’ll walk our separate ways
Fingers crossed, we’ll journey together yet again:

Allow Me To Spice Up Your Lullaby A Little

The shadow of the evening sun

he creeps a little closer

a little too close

his feet send cracks through the willowed wooden floor

echoing in the chamber of your heart

within your reach, yet taunting your mind

with equivalents and runs in scarlet divine

indeed this euphoria is having you

for dinner tonight

And i don’t know and i can’t see if this feeling’s wisp is having me

i shut my eyes too tight to breathe i know this demon’s easily

i want him with his rusty claws and promising screech

he lays his hands i crumble and i long to be whole again

This piece was inspired by “Lullaby”, the masterful, haunting track by The Cure, off the gorgeous soundscape that is the album Disintegration.


I’m standing in white at the precipice of a thousand more

I’m looking down and out, far and through

The only way down is the only way up

I look for all I’ve lost to breathe my design

I crave all I’ve longed for to whiff my trade

The tangles intensify and the ground softens

But I’m taking my step anyway.